Let's hope Marilyn wasn't injured in the crash.

"What time is it?" "2:30." "Really? I wanted to go to sleep early today, too."


Shamim said he was going to try out for his school soccer team.

Be the change you want to see in others.

When are you going?

Where did you write this letter?

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Marlena doesn't like it when Roberto cracks her knuckles.

They might sell what you want.

Come and see for yourself!


You're a funny guy.

These are tears of joy.

They still have bread. Do you want some?

I have to hand it in.

He can speak French well.

Does he like his job ?

Ramon punished his children.


Takao came before I had waited ten minutes.

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I was in a nightclub.

Time was running out.

Look, you can't wing the test and expect to ace it, Pria.

I have an appointment with him at noon.

One can win several battles but lose the war.

He is a computer expert.

They both looked at her.

Thank you, tea would be very acceptable.

Do you want me to go to Boston?

Whatever she says, I don't believe her.

He disregarded my advice.

We visited our old school.

I wanted to disappear.

I almost believe you.

Never go anywhere alone.

A good idea occurred to me then.

The test was real easy.

I'm ashamed of you.

He jimmied the lock.

You're not anything like him.

Molly rarely goes in the backyard.


"I am not tired." "Neither am I."


Is the magnetic card made of plastic which stores your bank account called a cash card?


Education is a gateway to success.

He was amazed at his foolishness.

It burned.

Which newspaper do you read?

We should've done that sooner.

There are a lot of bad people in the world.

The revelation took everyone by surprise.

Matt was not very impressed.

There is little wine left.

What do you think Adam did with the money he stole?

Lock up your passport.


A single step, and you will fall over the cliff.

I'll have to warn him.

Let's get Those out of the water.


We can cut down on our use of energy.

Kayvan isn't very good at mathematics.

Don't expect everyone to agree with you.

How many bracelets do you think Linder has?

The police officer put a piece of paper in front of him.

I've got to learn French.

The Three Forks is a bar serving beer, and its target audience are travellers.

I've looked everywhere, but I can't find my wallet.

What a heavy desk this is!


They formed themselves into a circle.


Do you think I should stop Patricio?

The hero died at the end of the book.

This was recommended to me by Markus.

I didn't tell him to come.

When she saw me naked, she started laughing.

It's not "gorilla rain", but "guerrilla rain"; do you understand?

She doesn't think about any kind of evil.

Hillary came in third place.

It's all the same!


Please tell me Oliver is kidding.

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I know Robert can handle Spike.


To the point.

The map's legend shows what each symbol stands for.

I wouldn't blame you if you preferred to leave.


This pencil is not grey.

I should check on that.

It'll be dark in an hour.

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On Friday nights, I often go eat pizza with my friends.

This farm seems to have been abandoned.

Beckie played the drums.

Her lovely voice was a real feast to the ears.

A panel of experts discussed the plan.

My gloves are size medium.

I'm unfamiliar with that word.

When I was taking a bath, the telephone rang.

I found it difficult to put it into practice.

Manjeri certainly doesn't speak for all of us.

I wish I'd done the right thing.

She didn't win the prize, but she competed until the last moment and surprised everyone.

We were impatient for the concert to begin.

Nadeem says that he usually makes three hundred dollars an hour.

This bread is gluten-free.


I have a feeling that something important is going to happen.


Buckminster Fuller is famous for the geodesic dome.


I know what's happened to him.

I've decided to go to Boston for the summer.

Please send me a letter once you arrive.

Andreas is a celebrity chef.

I went to public school.

Is it going to rain?

She knew the number.


When it clears up tomorrow it is good.

I've heard that you can't alter your destiny.

I'm not connecting your computers.


Marie has grown.

Before Mosur became Piotr's chauffeur, he was John's chauffeur.

We should head back home now.

Gregory's best friend is a mouse named Jerry.

You've got a nice smile.


Drew is with a client.

Bryce reluctantly left.

This bread is delicious.

Can you play the key of C minor?

They won a free car.

With all her merits she was not proud.

Could you tell me the way to Tokyo Tower?

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I didn't scream.

He loves to ride on his high horse.

I love listening to music.


He tries hard.


Can you help her out before they catch her?

Marla ate a piece of the pie.

Tyler actually did it.


Venkata stood rigid.

I've been unearthing all kinds of interesting things.

Many paradoxes are paradoxical only because they sound strange.


Srikanth tried to stand, but his leg gave out.

Julianto told me to leave right away.

The fish swam up for crumbs.

Do you think you could be a cop?

Before coming to Tokyo, we lived for ten years in Osaka.

Let me think about it a little longer.

It is a multi-stage process.

I want to be promoted.

I feel as if I were aboard a great ship.

Dan argued with Linda about her pregnancy.

The lie got him in trouble when his boss found out the truth.


What would we do without you?

She can't even speak her native language without making mistakes.

We're going back to the hotel.

I only buy yellow cars.

Laurianne has what it takes to be a good teacher.


Let's be honest. That joke was about me.

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Lucas is a clever clogs.


Jim was able to hold back his anger.


Fred has analyzed the results.

I don't know what to do next.

You will be very pleased by how he performs.


I'm sorry, but I can't eat dinner with you.


Where can I get some information on tours?


Did you know I was going to be fired?

We have little time to waste.

The medicine cured him of his illness.

Thanks a whole lot for the food.

I can't do this again.

I understand it a little, but I can't speak it.

I have crooked teeth.


Long live the loyal British poodle.